Made from food waste

Grace Clutch

Made from apples, grapes or pineapple
4 Styles in ONE


Backpack, Shoulder Bag, Crossbody and Handbag
3 styles in ONE

Melinda Camera Bag

Handbag, Shoulder Bag and Crossbody
Made from grapes


When Fashion meets Circularity
Designed to be a day-to-night bag

Olivia Fan Tote

It adapts to your Life & your Style

The vision of "Farm to Closet".

Our Inspiration begins in the Harmony of Nature. The farming of traditional products that can be ethically sourced – a balance between responsibly sourced natural fibres and innovative Bio-based Vegan Leather from fruits and plants to make an Environmental Impact and Change for the Future.

The agricultural (“Farm”) products derived from food waste or regenerative sources are made into Bio-based Vegan Leather, an alternative to leather & PU plastic, making handbags for every Woman’s “Closet”.

Using our selected Biobased Vegan Leathers to produce our bags supports our sustainable design under the Life Cycle Assessment model and Our Sustainability Philosophy and concept of circularity.

Grace Clutch
Made from Apples, Cactus or Pineapples
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Jessie Tote
Made from Apples
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What is Bio-Based Vegan Leather?

Bio-based leather is plant-based and refers to leather-like material that is wholly or partly derived from the food waste or by-products from agriculture - biomass, originally from plants or trees. iFarmaissance uses a variety of biomass sources such as grape residue from the waste of the wine making process and apple residue from the leftover pomace and peel from the fruit juice and compote industry, as well as pineapple fibres and regeneratively grown cactus..

A generational desire to connect farming and fashion and sustainability.

Our Family Farm in Western Australia. Filmed in 2019

Fashion Circularity

Made from Food Waste For our Better Future

sustainability journey



“This bag is perfect for any occasion. I use it for University, weekend errands and eventhe beach (it’s that good). There’s so many pockets to keep everything neat andorganized, which is great if you are an “on the go” person like me!”

Christie Ranslie-Keen
Perth, Australia

“Can’t believe I haven’t heard of this company earlier. They have provided everythingI need in a bag; versatility, quality and ethics! You would not be able to tell that they are made from grape skins. Crazy!! I have told my friends about this company and they were shocked at how sleek the design is. I know what I will be buying my friends for their birthdays this year!"

Jenae Collard
Perth, Australia

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! This backpack, the brand story, the amazing grape leather.

I can use it any time of the day or night and feel confident that it’s the right bag for the occasion, with everything at my fingertips!"

Katherine Mok
Hong Kong