When Fashion Meets Circularity

iFarmaissance maintains the values of a circular economy. Circularity is the concept that throughout the supply chain, from beginning to end, from the growing of raw materials, to design to manufacture, to customer care and to end of use, the process is continued in an endless loop.

By combining research and innovation to impact every of a product’s life cycle we are by extension caring for the planet, its people and the economy.

The minimisation of waste resources is an integral part of the circularity closed loop principle. iFarmaissance views the reduction of waste in our supply chain as critical to our sustainable business philosophy which seeks to provide sustainability solutions for the long term.

We understand that change will not happen overnight, or that there are ready made solutions, but we need to start to implement changes … to innovate and to begin a transition to net zero emissions.

Our Sustainable Philosophy

iFarmaissance has been built on a sustainability foundation based on a life cycle approach from the very beginning, paying particular attention to UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially:

SDG12 - Production & Consumption

SDG13 - Climate Change

Sustainability is about balance, it must be measured alongside economic, social and quality objectives and with respect to fashion ESG principles derived from independent, science based, properly researched information and data.

Our Commitment
Towards Net Zero Emissions

Our founder, Jennifer Gardner completed the Cambridge University course Business and Climate Change: Towards Net Zero Emissions in mid-2021.

For Module 8 “Your role in the transition” she prepared a decarbonisation Action Plan for which she received a grade of 100%. She is now committed to bringing this plan to life in a real life scenario with the support of all of you.

In this same year, as a result of her high level performance, Jennifer was appointed as an Assessor for this same course through the University of Cambridge and the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership.

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