New Unisex Bag Collection Made from Budweiser Beer Lees

New Unisex Bag Collection Made from Budweiser Beer Lees

This new biobased leather alternative iFarmaissance Unisex Bag Collection is made from leftover Beer Lees from Budweiser China’s production and is manufactured by Vegatex. The biobased content is made up of 20% brewers saved grains (beer lees), 6% apple , 40% wood pulp, 34% waterborne PU. The backing textile is Apple & Wood (brewers saved grains (BSG) in the PU component).

This is the first collection in the world where this Beer Lees Biobased leather alternative has been used in handbag design. We are keen to create a Unisex collection for youth who enjoy the beer culture. A Bag. A Beer!

We are constantly looking for innovative new materials and ways to produce our handbags and accessories that will contribute a positive climate change and environmental result.

This provides a waste-to-value solution for otherwise discarded Beer Lees as an ingredient in the making of this new generation material and is another example of our commitment and our mission to connect fashion, farming, innovation and sustainability to impact the future.

Coming soon, stay tuned! Please now enjoy the video of the Beer Lees collaboration.



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