About us

A generational desire to connect Farming and Fashion and Sustainability

iFarmaissance is a Family Story, a generational desire to connect Farming and Fashion and Sustainability. The Family has a long history of Farming in Albany, West Australia since 1897 and exported wool to London in the early 1900’s. A Unique Insight into the links between Farming and Fashion and was the Seed for the Concept of “Farm to Closet”.

The founder, Jennifer brought the concept of “Farm to Closet” to her husband Gary Gardner. Together, they created the iFarmaissance, a name derived from (I)nnovation related to (Farm)ing and Ren(aissance), a rebirth of the traditions and soul of fashion.

iFarmaissance has been built on a sustainability foundation from the very beginning, paying particular attention to UN Sustainable Development Goals 12 - Production & Consumption and 13 - Climate Change.

Our bags are designed for the next generation using alternative material for animal leather & PU plastic in order to reduce the environmental impact of global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Net Zero Emissions by 2050.

Responsibly sourced and produced, here's to offsetting our carbon footprint. Together!

Our Family Heritage since 1897


When Fashion meets Circularity