Made from cactus - BIO Leather Alternative Desserto

Made from cactus - BIO Leather Alternative Desserto

The cactus leather we are using is from Desserto.

Desserto is a cactus-based biomaterial that is a sustainable leather alternative produced in Mexico.

The Process

By harvesting the mature leaves of the nopal cactus plant which is widely known and used in Mexico, proteins and fibres are extracted to make an organic bio-resin which then is coated on a carrier eco-friendly textile.

The innovation of the product lies in the ease of harvesting and the ease of manufacturing the product from the nopal cactus. Little to no irrigation is needed and the cactus grows in abundance in all of Mexico.

Desserto creates alliances with farmers whose land is certified by the "US-Organic" program of the USDA and the "BCS OEKO-GARANTIE" program in Germany. This certification guarantees the responsible use of resources such as water and prevents the use of chemicals that affect the land and the environment. Desserto transfers knowledge and technology to the farmers, which in turn gives the plant a greater economic value and a higher return for the farmers.

By using Desserto is our sustainable design under life cycle assessment to support our Sustainable Philosophy and our concept of circularity.



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