Limited FREE Swatch Pack
Limited FREE Swatch Pack
Limited FREE Swatch Pack
Limited FREE Swatch Pack
Limited FREE Swatch Pack
Limited FREE Swatch Pack
Limited FREE Swatch Pack
Limited FREE Swatch Pack
Limited FREE Swatch Pack
Limited FREE Swatch Pack
Limited FREE Swatch Pack
Limited FREE Swatch Pack

Limited FREE Swatch Pack

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This program aims to support Universities and Students interested in Innovative BIO Leather Alternatives and Sustainable Fabrics to make a Change for the Future.

  • Free Post by Air Mail

FREE Pack of BIO leather alternative materials to support University Students.
Contains 4 swatches in A7 size (74 x 105 mm).

 One swatch of each of the following:

  • Grape Leahter, Black in 1.1mm thickness, 80% biobased. Non-biodegradable. {Recommended Application:  Handbags, Footwear and Furniture}
    • Apple Leahter, 18-1244 TPX Ginger Bread in 1.0mm thickness, 66% biobased.  Non-biodegradable. {Recommended Application:  Handbags, Footwear and Soft Furniture}
    • 100% rPET Polyester, Black, 75D*150D, Sustainable Fabric. {Recommended Application:  Lining for clothing, handbags and accessories}
    • Deadstock Jacquard Fabric in Random Colour/ Pattern, Sustainable Fabric {Recommended Application: Clothing and Tote Bags)

    Thank you for your patience. Our own iFarmaissance BIO Leather Alternatives are in the R & D process. 

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    Grape Leather (80% Biobased)
    80% (vegetal, renewable and recycled raw materials)
    20% water PU

    Apple Leather (66% Biobased)
    33% wood fiber
    33% apple fiber
    34% waterborne PU

    Both of them are non-biodegradable.

    100% rPET Polyester
    100% GRS Certified recycled polyester
    1 Meter = 7-11 recycled plastic water bottles

    Swatches, Postage Fee, Packaging Cost are sponsored by JCG Sustainability Foundation Charity Fund.

    Thanks to our founder Jennifer Gardner for creating and supporting this program to impact future generations.

    We will mail the Free Swatch Pack every Monday while stocks last.
    We have limited Swatch Packs avaliable every month, when your free order is fulfilled, you will get our fulfillment confirmation email.

    Please make sure your mailing address is correct when you place your order.

    “Wipe clean with a damp cloth”

    Use a cloth moistened with water then wrung well, and wipe gently to clean the product surfaces. Can only be cleaned using mild soap and water, but never with bleach or alcohol.




    We are working to drive transformative change in material research and development rather than make incremental tweaks. We are looking for changes that can be applied throughout the fashion sector and beyond.

    We can’t do it alone, we need YOU. We want to inspire the next generation to join with us to take what we have learned and what we can contribute to a new level, to create their own dreams.

    Dreams that can impact not only Climate Action but by extension other UN SDG’s: Responsible Production and Consumption; Industry, Innovation and infrastructure; and Partnerships for the Goals.


    Through collaboration across the iFarmaissance® team and partnerships up and down the supply chain we are working to innovate solutions to positively impact the future of our planet.

    To create next generation materials, including bio-leather alternatives, we need to break down barriers with respect to acquisition and sharing of information between R & D collaborators.

    Despite the millions of dollars spent on the research and development no transformative breakthrough has been achieved. At the same time, poorly managed self-regulation by the industry has meant that there is no consistent benchmarking of new material performance, a lack of control of “greenwashing” statements, and a lack of transparency that inhibits development. As consortium ventures many of these projects don’t allow access to the research or accessibility by small brands or students.

    We are currently in the R & D phase for the creation of our own bio-based material which we believe will deliver ground-breaking new performance and environmental advancements. We will update you regularly, stay tuned!


    It is our social commitment at iFarmaissance to share our knowledge. Leveraging Jennifer Gardner’s 30+ years’ experience in the fashion accessories and manufacturing industry, we test as many of the bio-based leather materials as we can access.

    We currently bring to market products that use the best characteristics of the bio-materials available to us right now. At the same time we are going back to the very beginning … conceptualising, re-imagining and designing the materials themselves to encompass a circular economic model that considers every life cycle aspect of the products we are making – this is the responsibility of all of us to have a wider societal influence.

    Join with us so we can do this … TOGETHER.

    US SDGs

    UN SDG 9, 12, 13 & 17

    Eco Packaging

    Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials to honour our Planet.

    Ethical Standard & Social Impact

    Our supply partner has passed both the SMETA and amfori BSCI Ethical and Social Audit.


    Making sure our products last longer and discouraging over-consumerism.


    BIO Leather Alternatives

    Our founder’s assignment from Cambridge University (CISL) is now part of a collaborative project working with professors/ scientists of City University of Hong Kong, joinly funded by HKSAR Government Innovation and Technology Fund to bring this decarbonisation action plan to life in a real life scenario...

    Let's fight Climate Change and embrace a Net Zero Future. Together!

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