Mar 2021 Milestone - grappaSac Photoshoot in Perth, Australia

Mar 2021 Milestone - grappaSac Photoshoot in Perth, Australia

Our first photoshoot in Perth, Western Australia was to introduce the iFarmaissance brand and our signature fashion backpack made from grape leather, ready for its launch on Kickstarter in May, 2021.

For this photoshoot we selected five settings in and around Perth, an office in the City overlooking the Swan River, the beautiful, natural surroundings of Hyde Park near the CBD, the lovely Sistellas winery in the Swan Valley, a farm full of alpacas and finally sunset drinks on the beach at Trigg Island.

Our Brand Ambassador Victoria Campelo worked closely with photographer and videographer Ryan Winters to create some amazing images that beautifully captured the natural, pristine environment in Western Australia. These provided the perfect backdrop to showcase the grappaSac backpack and the connections between nature, sustainability and fashion, the essence of the iFarmaissance brand.

Every place was stunning! The office overlooking the picturesque Elizabeth Quay in Perth City, in Hyde Park Victoria riding her bike around the lake with stunning green surrounds. Then to Sistellas winery, to sample some rose wine on the wide open expanses of lawn… surrounded by row upon row of grape vines … what a treat!

And then the Alpaca farm! Victoria was in her element, quickly jumping the fence to pat and feed them.

Then finally at the beach in front of the Indian Ocean on a beautiful night, so special with Victoria sharing a wine with her best friend, walking on the sand, full of laughter and just genuinely soaking in the striking sunset.

We couldn’t think of a better way to introduce Victoria, our brand and the grappaSac!

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