JAN 2022 Milestone - Our 1st POP-UP Store opened in Japan

JAN 2022 Milestone - Our 1st POP-UP Store opened in Japan

Our 1st POP UP Store in the world opened at O I O I Shinjuku Marui. In Tokyo on the 23rd January, 2022. This is first of what we expect with be a succession of iFarmaissance POP-UPS across Tokyo and then throughout Japan.

For our Japanese customers it was an opportunity to see up close our fashion handbags and accessories made exclusively from biobased leather alternatives. Apple leather from Vegatex, grape leather from Vegea, Pinatex derived from pineapple leaf and Desserto leather made from cactus.

They were able to touch and feel all of these products and see how we have crafted our beautiful handbags from these innovative and environmentally friendly vegan materials. Fabulous colours, amazing textures and superbly designed for timeless style, functionality and durability.

iFarmaissance POP UP STORE

Date:23rd Jan – 31st Jan 2022

Venue:O I O I Shinjuku Marui, 8/F, Shinjuku Marui Concept Shops, Shinjuku City, Tokyo, Japan.

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BIO Leather Alternatives

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