APR 2021 Milestone - grappaSac Pre-launch at Facebook & Instagram

APR 2021 Milestone - grappaSac Pre-launch at Facebook & Instagram

With the initial photoshoot complete, the next step for us was to demonstrate the versality and innovative steps we took to create the grappaSac fashion backpack. Then to begin to build a community that would appreciate the blend of high quality fashion and environmental and sustainability credentials that this bag represents.

Through Instagram and Facebook we introduced our Vision and Mission for the iFarmaissance brand, the concept of Farm to Closet based around our farming heritage, innovation and sustainability. We educated ourselves also on the impacts of climate change and excessive production and consumption and built this into our messaging. Finally the last ingredients, the biobased grape leather from Vegea, Italy and the craftmanship from our factories to create this beautiful final product.

Now the iFarmaissance community on Instagram (over 20k followers) and on Facebook can follow our journey not just from the grappaSac launch but also our complete range of biobased leather handbags and accessories from grape, apple, pineapple and cactus (and others soon to come … ).

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BIO Leather Alternatives

Our founder’s assignment from Cambridge University (CISL) is now part of a collaborative project working with professors/ scientists of City University of Hong Kong, joinly funded by HKSAR Government Innovation and Technology Fund to bring this decarbonisation action plan to life in a real life scenario...

Let's fight Climate Change and embrace a Net Zero Future. Together!