Made from apples - BIO Leather Alternative Vegatex

Made from apples - BIO Leather Alternative Vegatex

The apple leather we are using is from Vegatex, and it's derived from Japanese Technology.

APPLE Leather Alternatives are bio-based materials made using the leftover pomace and peel from the fruit juice and compote industry.

The Process: The material is created by first taking the recovered apple waste and reducing it to a powder. This biomass powder is then combined with other natural agricultural fibres through a process where it is combined with polyurethane and coated onto a cotton/polyester canvas.

The biobased content can vary but is generally no less than 50% mixed with 50% waterborne PU, and then coated onto the backing carrier textile. The backings are customisable from fully organic cotton through various mixes of polyester/cotton. The result is a durable, environmentally friendly, breathable material (thanks to its organic composition), that is smooth to the touch, and good for hardwearing small accessories.

By using Vegatex is our sustainable design under life cycle assessment to support our Sustainable Philosophy and our concept of circularity.



BIO Leather Alternatives

Our founder’s assignment from Cambridge University (CISL) is now part of a collaborative project working with professors/ scientists of City University of Hong Kong, joinly funded by HKSAR Government Innovation and Technology Fund to bring this decarbonisation action plan to life in a real life scenario...

Let's fight Climate Change and embrace a Net Zero Future. Together!