Our Purpose

“To research and innovate solutions to preserve the planet using existing natural resources as the core ingredients.”

Sustainability Philosophy

iFarmaissance® is first and foremost a fashion brand and on a global basis the fashion industry is responsible for contributing at least 4% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions representing some 2.1 billion metric tons[1].The fashion industry is constantly in the spotlight over its lack of commitment to environmental, social and sustainability issues. At iFarmaissance® there is a recognition of our responsibility to provide leadership in these areas.

The concept for iFarmaissance® was born from the desire to create fashion handbags and accessories that addressed sustainability as a fundamental characteristic of the brand from the very beginning. Emerging from this period of COVID-19 our business focus has evolved to the point that a sense of social responsibility now drives most of our decision making. We have researched and invested in farming methodologies and worked on educating ourselves on the economic challenges of balancing climate change with the requirement to properly feed the global population. We are determined also to assess our position in relation to farming and the fashion industry’s environmental impacts and sustainability.

There is no doubt an agricultural renaissance is required to address food security issues worldwide. The catch-cry is generally “innovate or perish” but we believe that we should take a collective breath and consider how we can bring the “best practices” of the past together with modern technologies. At the same time, we must consider the modern imperatives such as climate change, sustainability, urbanisation and the environment as part of the equation. 

“For us, sustainability begins with the earth in which we grow our food and graze our animals. This carries with it a responsibility to protect the environment – the earth and the atmosphere into which CO2 is discharged.”



[1] McKinsey Global Institute - Fashion on Climate - August 26, 2020.


Sustainability is about balance, it must be measured alongside economic, social and quality objectives. Too often sustainability discussions are hijacked by extremists. In our opinion much of the ESG debate in relation to fashion has too often come from people with vested interests rather than independent, science based, properly researched commentary.

“By definition sustainability is the ability to maintain something at a certain level for an extended period of time. We must explore solutions for food security, climate change, social and economic problems that provide long term solutions rather than stop-gap measures.”

Our intention is to embed sustainability in every aspect of our businesses by establishing a systematic framework that ties together and links every life cycle component.


[1] McKinsey Global Institute - Fashion on Climate - August 26, 2020.

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