"Bird Tree" Logo Inspiration

"Bird Tree" Logo Inspiration

The inspiration for our logo was “biodiversity“ – that a single tree can represent a complex ecosystem of birds, insects and other species.

We love too that there is a freedom to the movement of the birds, that we all have the choice to learn and explore and contribute as part of nature.

“Biodiversity starts in the distant past and it points toward the future” – Frans Lanting

The diversity of nature surrounds us and relies upon us to protect it, but in the end we rely on nature for our survival.

It is a reminder that together we can make environmental choices that lift our spirits and - are also good for the Planet…

What’s your favourite way to connect with nature?



BIO Leather Alternatives

Our founder’s assignment from Cambridge University (CISL) is now part of a collaborative project working with professors/ scientists of City University of Hong Kong, joinly funded by HKSAR Government Innovation and Technology Fund to bring this decarbonisation action plan to life in a real life scenario...

Let's fight Climate Change and embrace a Net Zero Future. Together!