Sustainable Textile Initiative


      We started iFarmaissance with a dream to create a brand built exclusively on sustainable materials. Despite our many years’ experience in the textile and fashion industry, it still proved very difficult to access the materials and technical data to build a truly sustainable, environmentally conscious business.

      For most of these new materials there are high Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ’s), that make it extremely hard to access them. This means limited opportunities for students, teachers, universities and SMEs to touch and feel and experiment. Other plant-based materials being developed by big consortiums are simply not available at all.

      Many of the bio-based textiles we use, while they are innovated steps, they are not yet fully evolved to meet the environmental standards and performance we need to find a “replacement” for natural leather and plastics. Developing our own biobased leather alternative is something we are passionate about. We are investing in the R & D necessary to find the ultimate solution and as Brand Owners and Innovators with ESG Expertise, this Social Impact - Sustainable Textile Initiative completes what we call our “Four Pillars for Innovation Success”.

      These new age materials require new approaches, from conceptualising and re-imagining designs for a circular economic benefit, to the new skills needed for pattern making, cutting, stitching and edge painting...etc

      The world of innovative bio-based leather alternatives is exciting and developing at an amazing pace. As Innovators we are determined to be at the forefront of changes taking place in the Fashion Industry and beyond. For us we cannot think of Fashion in isolation from the environment. Our ecological system is in danger of unravelling, we need urgent action to maintain biodiversity and protect and re-invigorate our pristine natural environments. 

      We understand that the quickest and most effective route to a creating a new generation of innovators and artisans is through education and a collaborative effort.

      Our Sustainable Textile Initiative is designed to put all these things at the fingertips of students, teachers, universities and SMEs to set the foundation for this new future in Fashion.

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