Where is the name "iFarmaissance" derived from?

Where is the name "iFarmaissance" derived from?

We are excited to be creating and bringing to you an eco-friendly range of handbags and accessories under our iFarmaissance label. iFarmaissance Brands was founded on the basis of our long experience and expertise in fashion handbags and with a deep commitment to honouring the Planet.

This passion is reflected in our environmental, social and sustainability conscience and in our name:

(I)nnovation + (Farm)ing + Ren(aissance) = iFarmaissance

By embracing sustainability innovation in every aspect of the business and by constantly researching and testing the best sustainably and ethically farmed products for our raw materials - a balance between responsibly sourced natural fibres and innovative bio-materials – we can produce a unique range of products.

In our hearts is a desire to create a renaissance of the traditions and soul of fashion to develop eco-chic products inspired by the harmony of nature to impact the future.

The fabrics we use are all sustainable in some way, shape or form and include:

  • Biobased Leather Alternatives
  • Natural Fibre Fabrics
  • Deadstock Fabrics
  • Thrifted Fabrics
  • Recycled Fabrics

By being willing to see ourselves as connected to the Earth and not separate, we truly believe that we can heal and regenerate ourselves and the Earth.

We are all in this together. Please join us!



BIO Leather Alternatives

Our founder’s assignment from Cambridge University (CISL) is now part of a collaborative project working with professors/ scientists of City University of Hong Kong, joinly funded by HKSAR Government Innovation and Technology Fund to bring this decarbonisation action plan to life in a real life scenario...

Let's fight Climate Change and embrace a Net Zero Future. Together!